11 may 2019 - Abaddon Prime Anomaly Amsterdam


we're excited to welcome you to the

Abaddon Prime Amsterdam Anomaly

This very rare opportunity to discover the Netherlands' capital in a way you've never seen it before. The anomaly starts in

The Anomaly

Abaddon Prime, the second Amsterdam Anomaly, is being prepared right now. We'll update this website regularly!

The city of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the top 10 cities in Europe to visit. You’ll get to bike or walk around the city and see it like you’ve never seen it before, but there’s lots to do before and after the anomaly.

Booking your stay

Since Amsterdam is such a beautiful place (the inner city is UNESCO World Heritage listed), it's very popular with visitors. We recommend you book your stay as far in advance as you can. As Amsterdam has pretty decent night train connections (see the Dutch Railway webpage on the night net, booking your stay in nearby cities can also be an option.


Enlightened Registration is now open! Register fast! Oh, but don't forget to register with Niantic too! (Keep in mind that if you want a paid pack, ALSO register for the free ticket!)

Register both with the Enlightened and Niantic!

To join the anomaly, please register both with the Enlightened through and with Niantic through We'll keep you updated through our TG Channel :

Where do I get more info?

After verification of your .rocks registration, you'll be added to a community and chats where you can ask all your questions. Until then, stay updated by following our Telegram Channel. See the link at the top of this page!

I have questions!

If you have any questions (not mentioned in de FAQ below) that you wish answered before deciding to come over, you can contact us at Please do give us a few days to respond, though!

Atmosphere & Impression


Official group photo


Team Picture - the Belgian team!

Skyline with Nemo


Nationale Opera

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ingress?

If you haven't heard of Ingress, it's your lucky day. Go to the app store, install Ingress and become Enlightened NOW! Ingress is an augmented reality game that interacts with the world around you. The game revolves around an ongoing battle between the Resistance and the Enlightened, over control of Exotic Matter (XM). The actual game is about capturing ‘portals’ which mark places of interest or interesting objects in the real world. If you have two portals, you can put a link between them (a connected line) if there isn't another link in between. If you have three portals and put links between all three, you'll have a ‘field’ that covers an area measured in ‘mind units’. That is the basic concept, though there are many more aspects, objectives, and ways of playing. If you are new to the game, make sure to join your local Enlightened community for explanations, tips, tricks and the occasional social events!

For iOS:

For Android:

What is an Anomaly?

An anomaly is a specific event within the gameplay of Ingress. Throughout the day on 11 May 2019, both factions will fight over portals in Amsterdam to obtain specific targets. This requires thousands of agents throughout the city, divided into teams, cooperating as one, to save the city of Amsterdam. The battles are usually held from 11:00 to 17:30.

On Friday, Saturday (before and after the event) and Sunday, there will be activities centered around the game, and we particularly look forward to hosting you for some great parties.

Can my non-Ingress partner, family member or friend join?

Yes, though better still, get them an account! There are no level requirements to join, though there is a significant benefit to be Level 8+.

I'm making the Amsterdam trip my vacation - what else is on in Amsterdam?

Excellent idea - there's a lot to do in the city of Amsterdam and surroundings. Just check out More information will be available closer the time of the anomaly to provide all our Enlightened friends with our insider local insights.

Amsterdam is pricey, where could I sleep?

The Netherlands has a pretty decent night train net, so it's definitely an option to find another city to spend the night. Hotels in Hilversum or Zaandam for example might be much cheaper, and if you want to combine your visit to Amsterdam with another part of the country (and more uniques!), it's a good opportunity to plan your trip further. For details on the night train, check: